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Hillary Clinton agrees to hand over private email server to FBI

2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has agreed to hand over the private email server used during her term as secretary of state to the FBI.

It is a twist in the long running conflict between Clinton at the government over her use of a private email server. Originally, Hillary Clinton's team handed over thousands of pages to the state department, but is now handing over the entire private email server.

The private email server has been a burden in Clinton’s campaign race, with the public claiming she is an “untrustworthy” candidate because of this infraction. Republican candidates have attacked Clinton’s use of a private email server, using it to push their own approval ratings in the Republican primaries.

Clinton will also send over USB sticks with emails inside to the FBI.

The United States government asks all employees to use government standard email addresses and servers, to ensure security throughout the department. Some top officials—including Hillary Clinton—went against the standard with private email servers.

Every month work emails are released to the public in batches. It is part of the government’s plan to offer more transparency.

Half of the 60,000 emails passed onto the state department were deemed personal and deleted from the server. Since Clinton did not work with the state department to decide which were personal, it has caused even more criticism on the lack of transparency.

The FBI has been pursuing more information since Clinton passed on the emails to the state department. It appears Clinton ran out of options and has decided to give up on attempts to hide the private email server.