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Manus Machina teases VR gloves ahead of 2016 launch

In an attempt to make an easy entry into the market, Dutch startup Manus Machina’s wireless hand tracking gloves, set to launch in 2016, are designed to be compatible with major virtual reality headsets.

The bluetooth VR gaming accessory - a data glove input mechanism for use with VR headsets for gamers to be able to ditch their joysticks - doesn't use a proprietary tracking system but integrates with existing ones such as Oculus' constellation tracking and Valve's Lighthouse tracking system.

The gloves weigh just 42g each and allow users to track each finger individually using integrated flex sensors, as well as motion sensors to accurately track hand movement.

Prior to its planned launched, Manus Machina seems to be working on a number of integrations, including one with the Samsung Gear VR headset, the only VR device currently on sale. It is also working closely with platform Open-Source Virtual Reality for Gaming’s Hacker Dev Kit headset after it was added to the list of partners in the Open Source Virtual Reality ecosystem.

The Manus Machina dev kit will be available for $280 and the consumer gloves will launch for around $200 in the first half of 2016.

Check out the video above to see the gloves in action.