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Russia wants to ban Reddit because weed

Russia has a beef with Reddit. At least I think that's how you describe being in a pointless row with someone.

According to Business Insider, Russia is threatening to ban Reddit in the country, because the site offers information on how to grow marijuana.

The report cites Vocativ, a Russian portal, saying the Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor warned Reddit on multiple occasions to remove the posts about growing weed.

Apparently, Reddit kept silent. I don’t know, maybe they were too busy growing weed to care.

The post about Reddit appeared on VK, a Russian social network that is often likened to Facebook. The agency uses VK to share information about internet companies and piracy.

“It is conceivable that somebody became relaxed due to the August vacation season, but it’s not a good reason to risk one’s readers,” the watchdog said in a statement published on a Russian social network, RT reports.

Reddit hasn't actually been banned in Russia yet, but Roskomnadzor says it's "preparing" to block the site. That would mean that Russian internet users wouldn't be able to log onto the site without using a VPN service to get around the country's internet blocks.

It seems as a Reddit subpage, the r/trees community, has angered the Russians. It's a place for marijuana fans to hang out and talk about their drug of choice. One of the subreddit's moderators is rapper Snoop Dogg, who regularly posts on the site.

Russia has a long history of banning pointless things, like yoga, or memes. Simply typing “Russia bans” into Google will give you some hilarious suggestions, like “Russia bans emo”, or “Russia bans microwaves”, with the latter actually having some scientific ground.