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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 might have weaker batteries

Samsung might be getting a lot of stick from its charger-hating fans soon enough, as a couple of their upcoming phablet models will feature a pretty weak battery.

According to journalist Evan Blass, who has been leaking hardware specs of upcoming phones for years, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 will come with somewhat smaller batteries.

Blass said the phones will come with a 3000 mA/h battery, which would be somewhat of a step back, knowing that the Galaxy Note 4 arrived with a 3220mAh power pack last year.

“Both the GN5 and GS6e+ sport 3000mAh batteries”, the tweet reads.

Depending on your perception, this might be a step forward or a step back. Smaller versions, announced earlier this year, arrived with only 2600mA/h onboard. Still, we’re talking about a phablet here – a phone with a really, really large screen, which enables ‘power users’ to get the most out of their handheld devices. Such users also need more power, and 3000 mA/h won’t be able to provide.

On the other hand, Samsung was busy creating a faster charging technology, as well as a couple of wireless charging options, so maybe they can get away with a smaller battery.

A smaller battery would also mean a thinner, more beautifully designed phone.

However, we won’t need to wait much longer to know for certain – Samsung is set to unveil the new devices during the Unpacked event which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, on August 13 in New York City. The event can be livestreamed here.