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Samsung patents a holographic smartphone display

Why would we need a longer lasting battery for our smartphone, when we can implement a holographic display instead?

I believe this is the train of thought in Samsung, as it prepares to launch two new phablets, the Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus, both rumoured to have somewhat weaker batteries.

Instead of focusing on giving their devices more life, the company focuses on new technologies, including the holographic display, for which it filed a patent not so long ago.

According to Patently Mobile, the patent has been filed a year ago, but there is still no way of knowing if Samsung is actually thinking about implementing it, or if it just filed it to stop others from doing the similar thing.

Yet, the media are buzzing that Samsung is getting ready to implement the patent in its upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy S7.

The device will apparently be released in December this year.

“The mobile device includes a main body including a screen; a light guide member disposed above the screen; an entrance optical member disposed on a surface of the light guide member; and an image hologram disposed on a surface of the light guide member which is laterally spaced apart from the entrance optical member,” Patently Mobile writes in a report. “When an area of the screen corresponding to the entrance optical member emits a light, a holographic image stored in the image hologram is displayed above the light guide member.”

Usable holograms have since long been something of a holy grail for the tech generation. Even though there are fully functional holograms out there, including this one which you can make yourself, getting a hologram to interact with you is a completely new idea.