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Apple partners with 40 companies to push iPad in workplace

Apple is looking to branch out from its IBM partnership in the enterprise sector, with around 40 companies tapped to build sales, accounting and business apps for the iPad.

The companies will receive help from Apple’s designers to make sure the apps function and potentially advertise them to businesses. It is the latest move by Apple to make the iPad a more popular tool in the enterprise sector.

Similar to the IBM deal, Apple will take a chunk of the income from the app for helping the business built it. It is also trying to find out how to better sell iPads to businesses.

Apple has been on an eight quarter streak of iPad sales decline, revealing 10.3 million sales in the most recent quarter. That is down from 13.2 million last year. Samsung, the second largest tablet manufacturer, is also seeing a major drop in tablet sales.

The launch of the iPad Pro later this year might help Apple stop the streak. The 12.9-inch tablet is much larger than the current iPad Air, with a 10.1-inch display, and should have new features dedicated to business and power users.

Apple has already released over a dozen apps with IBM focused on the business sector, including health, accounting and manufacturing apps.