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Audi to produce electric car battery with LG Chem and Samsung SDI

Audi has announced that it will being developing batteries for electric powered SUV vehicles, working in partnership with LG Chem and Samsung SDI.

The German automobile manufacturer will work with cell technology developed by the two South Korean firms across its European factories.

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The vehicles will be capable of travelling more than 500 kilometres on a single charge, which compares well against other electric vehicles on the market. One of the industry leading vehicles, the Tesla Model S 85D, can cover just over 400 kilometres on a single charge, but many lower cost cars struggle to achieve more than 150 kilometres.

Dr. Bernd Martens, a management board member at Audi, believes that the partnership will produce higher performance electric vehicles.

“Together with our South Korean development partners, we are bringing production of the latest battery‑cell technology to the EU and strengthening European industry with this key technology,” he said. “This will allow us to supply a technological solution that makes electric cars even more attractive for our customers.”

Neither Audi, LG nor Samsung have revealed the financial details behind the deal, but it is easy to understand why the German firm would choose the latter two companies as its business partners. Both organisations have experience with electric battery technology, with LG having supplied Renault, General Motors and Daimler, and Samsung having worked with Volkswagen and BMW.

Another member of Audi’s management board, Professor Ulrich Hackenberg, said that the environmentally friendly vehicles would still retain a sporty element.

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“With our first battery‑electric Audi‑SUV, we are combining an emission‑free drive system with driving pleasure. We will optimally integrate the innovative cell modules developed with LG Chem and Samsung SDI into our vehicle architecture, thus achieving an attractive overall package of sportiness and range.”