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Periscope has 10 million users

Approximately four months after it was launched, Periscope announced that it now has 10 million registered users.

The news was announced in a blog post on the Periscope Medium blog.

Periscope is Twitter's standalone app which allows people to live stream video content captured by their smartphone's camera to fellow Periscope users, and promote the stream on Twitter to attract more viewers.

The company also placed special emphasis on the time spent watching videos on Android and iOS, rather than on the number of people or videos watched. According to the blog post, Periscope users now watch over 40 years of video each day.

“It’s most reflective of the value we’re creating for people and the world.” It also added that the metric “serves as a proxy for active user growth, without suffering some of the limitations of focusing exclusively on a metric like Daily Active Users (DAU) or Monthly Active Users (MAU).”

“Time Watched is also valuable because it can capture viewership of Periscope broadcasts outside of iOS/Android.”

Even though Periscope’s main rival is Meerkat, it seems as Facebook might be joining in on the action, which might completely change the landscape of this new territory.

The social network has just introduced a feature called “Live” to its Facebook Mentions app, which is used by verified public figures like musicians, athletes and politicians. It enables them to broadcast live video to their Facebook fans.