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Tinder CEO gets dumped after just 5 months at the helm

In a recent statement Tinder has revealed that Christopher Payne, its new CEO, will be leaving after just 5 months in charge.

The company and the board of directors believe that taking a spontaneous move is best for the company because there was a mutual agreement between the board and Christopher that he was not the right fit for the long term.

Sean Rad, the founder of the company, has now been called in to head up the running of the popular mobile app.

There is also a new change in the organisational structure, as Greg Blatt will be filling in asf executive chairman of the dating company. Greg is from the media group IAC, aka, The Match Group that manages different dating applications like Match and OkCupid.

Matt Cohler, Tinder’s director said, “It’s only been a few months, but there was a mutual agreement here that it was not the right long-term-fit, and given Tinder’s rapid growth trajectory both Christopher and the board though prompt action was best for everyone.”

Tinder, the dating app was created in 2012 that uses geolocation that brings up potential romantic matches for its users.

It has recently been in the news for responding to a Vanity Fair article which criticised the app and the growth of online dating.