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Vodafone Connect goes live across the UK

Vodafone is launching its home broadband service nationwide, after a soft launch in Manchester, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire in June. Vodafone Connect will be available with options up to 76Mbps, utilising the BT Openreach infrastructure.

Vodafone is using Cable & Wireless, which it acquired in 2012, alongside partnering with BT for full nationwide coverage. It seems unlikely Vodafone will acquire Virgin Media, as was rumoured a few months ago.

"We started our broadband journey with an exclusive offer available only to a few Vodafone customers," said Cindy Rose, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK. "We have now extended this to all of our millions of customers as our way of saying thank you for their loyalty. We know our customers depend on us to stay connected, and now we can satisfy their needs both at home and on the go."

Vodafone Connect will be able to prioritise one device using a Boost feature, alongside sending a stronger signal through Beam.

It is one of the first mobile and broadband deals, initiating the “quad-play” deals for customers. Landline and TV can also be provided through BT, although right now Vodafone is focused on broadband and mobile.

BT is trying to reach quad-play as well, with the £12.5 billion acquisition of EE earlier this year. That deal is still going through Ofcom investigation. Meanwhile, Sky and O2 are working on a partnership to offer quad-play services, although that deal may have been shut down with Three UK’s £10 billion acquisition of O2 from Telefonica.