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Apple makes progress with latest diversity report, but more work to be done

Apple has produced another diversity report, showing that progress has been made since the publication of last year’s – though there’s certainly still much work to be done, as Tim Cook acknowledged.

Apple said it has employed 2200 black staff members in the past year in the US, a figure increased by 50 per cent year-on-year, and 2700 Hispanic workers, which was up even more at 66 per cent.

When it came to the percentage of new hires in the US, 19 per cent were Asian, 13 per cent Hispanic, and 11 per cent black.

And as for gender, in the global picture, 35 per cent of all new hires were women – of course that means 65 per cent were male.

The make-up of the company regarding total employees as of now is 69 per cent male, and 31 per cent female, so last year did represent progress. In fact, Cupertino has hired in excess of 11,000 women worldwide over the past year, which is up 65 per cent compared to the previous year.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, commented: “Some people will read this [diversity report] page and see our progress. Others will recognise how much farther we have to go. We see both. And more important than these statistics, we see tens of thousands of Apple employees all over the world, speaking dozens of languages, working together. We celebrate their differences and the many benefits we and our customers enjoy as a result.”