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Apple releases bug fixes for Apple Music with iTunes, iOS updates

It was about time that Apple made an effort to make sure that its 11 million subscriber base for Apple Music stays loyal.

And so far the subscribers have been loyal throughout the buggy experience. But now Apple has released an update for a couple of bugs in Apple Music along with iTunes and iOS updates

The tech giant has been fixing everything it is faced with to ensure the success of Apple Music, but this time, even long time Apple fans have been coming down hard on the service.

When you update to iTunes 12.2.2, you will be able to properly sort artists and there should be no more issues when viewing your playlist from within your library. You should still make sure that the fixes are working for you by doing everything that Apple mentions in the release notes.

Some additional features have also been added. You will now be able to see the schedule for the Beats 1 radio station, along with all the artists that you have been following on the music service’s social media arm/network – Connect.

If you’re still in the dark because you haven’t received a notification or a prompt to update, all you have to do is head over to Settings, go to General and then tap Software Update. This should get things done for you.