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Facebook accused of isolating users with disabilities

Facebook has been labelled "shameful” and "arrogant” for consciously isolating people with disabilities and not doing anything to address these issues.

IB Times has talked to deaf-blind charity worker Molly Watt, a 20-year-old motivational speaker. She has Usher Syndrome and has said that Facebook's iOS app left her feeling isolated.

"I cannot use Facebook on my phone at all and nor can millions like me," Watt told IBTimes UK. "The elderly and vulnerable are also excluded. Our Facebook groups support people with Usher Syndrome but not being able to access them on iPhones or iPads leaves us very lonely and isolated."

She was invited to talk at Facebook's London offices on July 16, but decided to turn the offer down until Facebook decides to pay her for her time.

"I suggested a donation to charity and they said no, so I didn't do the talk," Watt said. "My job is motivational and keynote speaking and I'm 20 years old. I do lots of charity work running my own charity but I draw the line at multibillion dollar companies wanting to pick my brains. They are shameful. Arrogant."

Facebook is yet to comment on the whole issue.

One of the main issues Facebook’s iOS app has is the lack of support for dynamic text. That means that, when the phone’s font size is enlarged, the app’s text is not enlarged.

The other issue is the colour scheme. Facebook’s iOS app only allows black text on a white background.