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How Technology Is Helping The Healthcare Industry

It wasn't that long ago when technology was just a twinkle in someone's eye and the devices that are now in everyone's homes were merely someone's creative thoughts. But technology grows each and every day, and its use is proliferating to areas of the world that it could once not exist.

Eben Upton and his fellow co-founders are prime examples of bringing affordable technology to the masses with their original Raspberry Pi credit card–sized single-board computers - coming in at a very reasonable £20 ($35 USD at the exchange rate at release).

You likely use your technology to shop, stay in touch with friends and family, to work or for work, and even when you are traveling. Technology is also making leaps and bounds in the healthcare field.

There are many great benefits of technology in the world of healthcare, and it continues to expand. Here are some examples of the work that has been done and how it has helped this industry that helps people.

Helps Make Communication Easier

Companies like Solutionreach know the importance of managing patient information and communicating with patients effectively, which is one of the reasons that so much has been done technologically when it comes to advances in health care.

In fact, it's unlikely that you will walk into any healthcare facility these days that doesn't have all of your patient information saved into a specialised computer system that is built just for medical facilities. With these computer programs your doctor can keep better track of your illnesses, medications, and more.

Not only does this make those working in the medical field more efficient at the jobs, but it also works more towards protecting you, as the patient, but noticing medical trends and helping to make sure you get the right medications and treatment for your ailments.

Has Made Access To Healthcare Easier For Everyone

Surveys in both 2004 and 2009, done by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, showed that of 8 million seniors who use the internet about 66 percent of them said that they had searched for healthcare information online. With that count simply being one age range it's likely there is a much higher number when you add in more age groups.

With website like WebMD where people can look up their symptoms to get an idea of what it is that is wrong with them, more people are actually utilising this technology to get more info on symptoms, whether it's something serious, or if they can attempt to safely treat themselves at home.

Treatments Are Quicker And Safer

With the creation of new machines, treatments, and even medicines, more is being done to help save lives and even improve recovery. Just watching television advert about a new drug that can help cure Hepatitis C shows the amazing advances, as this disease was once incurable.

New advances do more than just help the patients, it also works to make research easier for doctors and scientists so that they can find more cures for more illnesses.

The world of medicine is also working toward preventative care with technology, with things like the FitBit, that helps track sleep, physical activity, and more.

Even Medications Are Safer

There are robotic machines now that work on creating and packing medicine. They remove the chances of human error and can cut down the chances of cross contamination, making medications safer for people.

The computer systems found in pharmacies are also working toward keeping patients safe and catching when prescriptions could work against each other.

From more knowledgeable doctors and pharmacists, to better informed patients, technology is doing good things for everyone when it comes to healthcare, and it can only keep getting better.