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Majority of fitness tracker users ignore heart rate data

Wearable fitness company Fitbit recently polled a group of British fitness enthusiasts, and found out that approximately 76 per cent of the users knew that their heart rate was an important thing when it comes to training.

But out of those, only 30 per cent were aware of their heart rates when they hit the gym, or the roads.

The study proves that most users are simply ignoring their heart rate during exercise, which is one of the most important metrics when it comes to fitness training.

It is known in the fitness world that your heart rate is what determines how intense your training is and the number of calories do you burn throughout the day.

Fitbit’s resident sport scientist, Professor Greg Whyte, who is also a former Olympian, will now be creating a series of videos focusing on how users can benefit from the metrics in their workouts. The basis of tracking your heart rate, is that it is beneficial to everyone, whether they spend time running or not.

Fitbit and Whyte are correct when they say that it all depends on your heart rate during the training and your resting heart rate, because that’s what determines whether you’re overtraining or not. And getting in the right heart rate zones, also means that your workouts will pay off better.