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Making a 3D-printed smartwatch is so easy an 8-year old can do it

Times are changing and kids seem to become more tech-savvy than the previous generations. And some of them are not just merely playing games.

This has recently been proved by an eight-year-old kid who recently attended the San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire to show-off his own 3D-printed watch.

The child, Omkar Govil-Nair, presented what he calls the O Watch, a smartwatch capable of running games and apps. Nair created the watch using the Arduino Zero platform - a 32 bit board based on ARM SoC architecture.

"Since it is a fully Arduino-compatible product in a tiny package, you can do a lot more – pretty much anything that is possible using a regular Arduino board and a colour screen,"said Nair.

He even added that people can also learn to 3D print using the watch.

Nair's creation of a 3D printed smartwatch at an early age is attributed to his interest in electronics, specifically the Arduino technology, which he has been using since he was six years old.

He had also received inspiration from the-then 12-year-old QTechKnow maker and wanted to make his own hardware.

Following Nair's presentation of the device, the O Watch will be debuting on a crowdfunding platform this month, with an incentive to early backers.