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Google to update Project Ara next week, following pilot re-route

Google’s modular smartphone, Project Ara, has been silent for a few months now, but we received our first update earlier today.

Changes have been made behind the scenes and the Puerto Rico rollout has been sidelined, although Project Ara claims it will hit the country soon. In a flurry of tweets, Project Ara said they would be announcing more updates next week.

This comes a few days after the Alphabet announcement, slimming down Google to a few core products. Project Ara may be pushed to another division inside the Alphabet umbrella, or strike out as an independent arm inside the company.

Even though Project Ara didn’t go into details, it said a market pilot re-route was happening. It is also recalculating its investment before diving into Puerto Rico, where it planned to sell modular smartphones in burger vans.

Perhaps this means Project Ara will be coming to more than one country or better yet, it will be available worldwide through an online portal. This could be similar to the Moto Maker service, where customers pick some of the features for their device.

With the restructuring at Google, Project Ara might receive more time and resources than originally planned. Under the previous Google X system, Project Ara had to be ready to test by two years, but the team is already way past that mark.

Project Ara brings a whole bunch of modules to build a mobile device for as cheap or expensive as the customer wants. Similar to the PC evolution, Google wants to make it easy to swap out parts on the fly, instead of being stuck with the same device for two years.