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Uber wins Conneticut lawsuit against local taxi firms

Uber has today won a lawsuit against 15 Connecticut taxi and limousine companies seeking to stop the ride-sharing company from operating in the state.

US District Judge Alvin Thompson in Hartford dismissed the lawsuit by saying that the plaintiffs failed to show proof on claims that Uber competed unfairly, tried to lure away their drivers, or misrepresented its services, fares and drivers' insurance coverage to passengers.

The judge also rejected the plaintiffs' argument that Uber should follow the same licensing and safety regulations applied to taxi and limousine companies.

Uber had argued that it owns no cars and employs no drivers, which makes it unclear on how state transportation laws could "apply to a technology company" such as itself.

The Connecticut's legislature just recently requested for the state's Department of Transportation to consider whether Uber should be covered, Thompson said.

Following the dismissal, the plaintiffs have the option to file an amended lawsuit.

Uber's drivers and passengers in Connecticut will keep receiving the "economic and transportation benefits" that the company provides, Uber spokesman Matthew Wing said.