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How Web Access Management could protect your data

Security is a vital aspect of any online business, but it increasingly involves more than just some anti-virus software.

Web Access Management (WAM) is already being used by a number of companies because it can safeguard data without compromising the flexibility demanded by employees and customers.

One of the primarily features of WAM software is Single Sign-On, or SSO. Single Sign-On allows members of staff to access multiple websites and online applications via a single user authentication portal, reducing wasted time and password fatigue. When asked to remember a variety of different log-in details, employees often resort to writing them down or simplifying passwords. With SSO, staff are encouraged to create a single robust password instead.

Web Access Management also often involves the use of an application firewall that is regularly updated to protect against current and future threats. For companies that handle sensitive data like financial services, WAM software can provide hugely useful in gaining customer trust and achieving PCI DSS compliance.

Perhaps the most important way that Web Access Management helps to protect data is the level of control that it gives businesses. IT leaders can decide which information is accessible to particular teams and individuals. Restricting access of certain data sets is not necessarily caused by a lack of trust in your employees, but simply an awareness that not all company information is relevant to all members of staff.

WAM tools are also useful in overseeing how and when staff members are accessing information. They can be used to monitor the last log-in time of a user, attempts to access restricted resources and any administrative actions.

Web Access Management is a key security tool for modern businesses not only because of the protection it offers, but because of the flexibility that it enables. With the number of online applications being used today, simplifying and securing access to these resources is vital.

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