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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praises UK's relaxed drone regulations

Amazon might kickstart its drone delivery program in the United Kingdom, after chief executive officer Jeff Bezos praised the UK government’s relaxed regulations.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Bezos said the relaxed regulations and investment in drone technology from the UK government is a welcoming sign. In the United States, the aviation regulator FAA employs stricter and slower regulations.

“What I would say is that in the scheme of things the UK regulatory agencies have been very advanced. The FAA is catching up a little here in the US, but the UK has been, I’d say, a very encouraging example of good regulation. I think we like what we see there."

It’s not a full confirmation, but the government’s approach to drone regulation is peaking the interest of American corporations. Google is also working on drones inside the UK, along with its self-driving car tests in parts of England.

On the subject of timeline, Bezos said it will be a few years before Amazon Prime Air is available in the US or the UK. The company is still testing automated routes and making sure the drones can avoid anything in the way.

Amazon plans to swap most of its delivery fleet for Prime Air once the drones are approved. Larger packages will still go through conventional routes, but the drones will be able to carry packages in the city with less overhead cost.

Outside of the drone plans, Amazon is working on building its content library for Prime Instant Video. It recently signed the three Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to deliver three seasons.

Source: The Telegraph