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Apple interested a facility for testing self-driving cars

Apple is once again making waves in the sea of driverless vehicles, as the latest report coming in on Monday suggests the company was asking around for a former naval base turned testing facility.

According to a report by NDTV, Apple has been making enquiries about a former naval base turned testing ground for self-driving cars and other cutting edge vehicles. No agreement has been reached, though.

Apple didn’t say what kind of testing it would do at the GoMentum Station automotive testing facility, which used to be a naval station in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Concord.

"We don't know. They haven't said what they want to test. It could be an iPhone," joked Jack Hall, program manager for connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles at GoMentum Station, which is operated by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

"It's got all the infrastructure of a city," Hall said of the facility. "There are buildings, streets and intersections, but no people."

The facility is 5,000 acres large and features 20 miles of paved roads, including overpasses, tunnels and railroad crossings. The agency calls it "the largest secure test facility in the world."

Apple is not the only company eyeing this base. Honda has already reached an agreement with GoMentum Station, and plans to test automated vehicle systems there.

Apple representatives have not actually visited yet, Hall said, and the company’s spokesman declined comment.

It seems as Apple is serious about giving Google a run for its money in every possible industry.