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Apple Watch caters for bigger wrists with bigger prices

Not everyone has svelte wrists - some hand hinges are as thick as thighs. Apple has decided that those with chunkier wrists no longer need to develop anorexia to be able to strap on an Apple Watch, releasing larger bands for the larger customer.

As well as a Sport band that comes in that all-important L/XL sizing, there's also an extender kit available for the metal bracelet. If you over-estimated the size of the Link Bracelet, or under-estimated the size of your wrist, you can slip in a few extra links to up the size to 245mm.

Head on over to the Apple Watch section of Apple's online store and you'll find a new band option for the cheapest model. There's now a L/XL Sport Band available for $49 but, for the moment at least, you'll need to buyer the bigger band separately as there's no way to order a Watch with the larger strap included.

For fans of the metallic look, there's the Link Bracelet Kit. Also costing $49, this kit includes six extra links to extend an existing Link Bracelet to 245mm. No special tools are required to make use of the kit, but it is worth noting that only silver is available; if you have Space Black Link Bracelet you will have to opt for a two-tone look.

So, Apple is opening up its wearable to a wider audience. The question is, does this amount to a fat tax?

Photo credit: weerayut ranmai / Shutterstock