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BlackBerry Venice leaked photo shows touchscreen keyboard, curved display

For the past two years, BlackBerry has sacrificed new features and design for its core customers. It might be looking to change that, with a new image of the BlackBerry Venice leaked earlier today.

The new smartphone will feature a dual-edge display, similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge. It will also use a touchscreen display instead of the physical keyboard.

This is a big step away from BlackBerry’s previous focus, which was trying to keep the core customers buying products. Venice looks like an ambitious move to try and recapture the market, with a sleek new design to compete against the iPhone and Android.

Speaking of competing with Android, BlackBerry intends to drop its own operating system for Android with the BlackBerry Venice. The new device will run on the latest version of Android, with the company's own apps pre-loaded.

BlackBerry lost in the app war against Android and iOS. It tried porting Android apps on BB10, but that only resulted in a rise in software crashes.

This might hurt BlackBerry’s enterprise customers, relying on BB10’s secure software to run a business and personal account on one device. We suspect BlackBerry will try to add these features on its Android smartphone.

No word on when the BlackBerry Venice will launch or how much it will cost.