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Four ways to improve your company’s customer service online

Thanks to the internet, customers can now reach out to your brand 24/7. From live chat support, to direct email responses, most companies have all of the main bases covered for interacting with customers online.

Even so, it may seem that you're seeing a rise in disgruntled visitors. Here's how to make the most of your online customer service and improve your relationships.

Preemptive Emails

Email blasts are the best way to reach out to your customers before they need to reach out to you. Even simple monthly newsletters are enough to keep them satisfied that you are regularly thinking about their needs.

Coupons, discounts and free merchandise can be great for keeping loyal people on your side. You don’t want to overwhelm people’s inboxes, simply keep them informed about new products, where the company is heading, and any new additions to your process. Once a month letters are great, as well as weekly discounts or deals.

Become a Constant

Your web traffic no doubt follows a pattern. Typically, this involves peak visiting during the day, and then a very obvious taper off at night. That being said, this doesn't mean your nighttime visitors should have to go without the same service they would get had they visited your site during the day.

Provide them with emergency lines and live chat operators to keep their business. Live chat programs may seem too far out of reach for you, but by using a third party program, you can have others deal with the constant questions.

If you don't have the means to invest big in chat responses, try to have an F.A.Q. page or place where customers can see all the information they might need on a product or service.

Get Educated

Technological trends are always changing. As a part of improving your customer service, it's up to you to stay on top of this. Research social media platforms and ways to interact online with your customers that have been successful in the past. New ways of connecting are always being explored and you shouldn’t fall behind.

If you can and have the time, consider pursuing a masters of public administration online degree or simple take a few technology classes outside of work. This modern take on your role in the company will aid you in successfully combining the classic knowledge of great customer service, with the often confusing modern era technology.

Use Social Media

Good customer service solves problems, but great customer service helps people in ways they never imagined. This perceived extra touch can be as easy as having a good online presence.

Use a blog to offer extra tips on products and useful information to your readers. Find a platform that works with your business culture and makes it fun for customers to connect to. Keep your media updated as well. It’s never a good image to have a stale outdated page be the first one that pops up. SEO campaigns are great for building your reputation online and giving you more presence as a business.

Don't allow your business' services to be anything less than outstanding. After all, it's your customers that make up the real backbone of your business. They provide revenue and can just as easily take it away.

To ensure their happiness, make sure you continually update and improve your customer service offerings through new technology. It doesn't need to be expensive, and it certainly doesn't need to be enormous, but it does need to be constantly effective from the smallest inconvenience to the largest problem.