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Introducing the world's thinnest solar charger

If you’re not one of those who are swamped by social media and you actually go outdoors and get some sun, then there might be something in store for you – solar chargers that are as thin as paper.

Solar chargers have been a dream of many for a long time, but it definitely hasn’t gone well for this industry in the past because people are more focused towards exploiting other sources of energy. But, that could change very quickly.

Korean designer Sung Un Chang has created a solar charger that is as thin as paper and can prevent your smartphone from running out of juice. That means no sad situations where you would have to run home to get back online.

The charger is called Yolk Solar Paper, and it is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter. The surprising thing is that, its goal was to read $50,000, but, it has received more funds than that. Seventeen times more in fact ($869,987 to be precise).

The charger has a couple of solar panels that are detachable. They have magnetic borders so you can use all of them at once if you want more juice. You will need at least 2 panels to generate an output of 5 watts which is sufficient to charge an iPhone 6. If there is bright sunlight, then you should be able to charge your iPhone 6 in under 2 hours. And if the clouds are out, it can take up to 5 hours.

For charging your iPad, you’ll have to purchase another 2 panels to generate an output of 10 watts. You can fully charge your iPad in 4.5 hours under bright sunlight, and if it’s overcast, then it can take up to 9 hours.

Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, the company is expecting to retail the charger for $125 for the two panel charger and $200 for the 4 panel charger.