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New secured cloud-based platform CudaDrive announced

A cloud-based platform called CudaDrive was announced today. Built by Barracuda Networks, it is a platform which provides businesses with instant and secure access to company files from anywhere.

The service’s highlights include speed, security and significant preservation of storage space.

The service is delivered on desktops via local virtual drive, as well as mobile and web applications, and enables businesses to securely store, share, and access files from anywhere, and includes user data protection for endpoints, and the option to add an appliance for an easy transition from existing corporate file shares.

According to the company’s press release, CudaDrive does not require that a file be synced locally to access it, helping to preserve valuable storage space.

The service also automatically protects documents, desktop, and downloads folders on endpoints, including individual computers and mobile devices, with the ability to add other locations. It intelligently caches data, minimising local storage requirements and maintaining access to files without the need to sync, and encrypts all data in transit to, and at rest in the Barracuda cloud, using 256-bit AES encryption - the same standard used by military and government agencies.

CudaDrive pricing starts as low as $39.99 (approximately £25) per month for 100GBs, and all plans include unlimited users.

“Like many companies, our users and agents need access to corporate files while they’re away from the office, and we need to make sure the data they’re using is protected,” said Steve Lenker, Director of Operations, Howard Hanna Realcom Realty.

“Barracuda has designed CudaDrive to meet the demands of both IT and end users. CudaDrive offers customers the ability to protect corporate data, leverage flexible pricing, and the option to add a local appliance for local data control.”