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Rapper Ludacris parades diamond-encrusted Apple Watch

Rapper Ludacris has been showing off an Apple Watch that is even more glamorous than the expensive 18-karat edition during the recent Teen Choice Awards 2015, standing out against a number of celebrities who donned an Apple Watch of their own during the event.

What could be more glamorous than an 18K gold Apple Watch I hear you ask? Ludacris’ diamond-encrusted Apple Watch of course.

Prior to wearing it to the event, the rapper posted the one-of-a-kind smartwatch on Instagram, revealing that he had just picked up the wearable from his “personal jewellers.”

Ludacris’ jeweller Icebox Jewelry has stocks on hand of the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches, covered in 18K gold and featuring a shiny diamond bezel.

Icebox customises watches with a new bezel and also allows customers to choose the diamond weight. The company did not mention the pricing, but for comparison, an 18K white gold bezel with a 2.25ctw diamond bezel, designed for a Rolex Submariner watch, costs $5,000 (£3,200).

Ludacris has said that he will also buy the same customised timepiece for his wife, so he must be happy with the result.