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Next Apple TV will run iOS 9, coming next month

The next Apple TV might feature a whole load of new features, with a new report claiming the set-top box will run on a TV optimised version of iOS 9.

It will launch next month alongside the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and 6C.

The Apple TV will run on a faster processor, with more RAM, additional storage and more networking options. A sleeker design is also on the menu for the next iteration.

Introducing iOS 9 onto the Apple TV might seem like a jarring concept, but it actually makes a lot of sense when compared to the alien interface on the current Apple TV. By making all devices run iOS (apart from Mac) it streamlines the amount of work developers need to optimise applications, similar to Google’s goal with Android Auto and TV.

Apple will add an App Store to the set-top box, allowing developers to charge what they want for the app. Subscriptions options will be available, allowing cable TV channels to offer plans on the Apple TV. Cupertino also plans to offer bundles with its TV streaming service, but that will launch later in the year or early in 2016.

Other features coming to the next Apple TV include Siri integration, allowing users to check for channels, shows and apps using their voice. Proactive, the new program used by Apple to search through a system, could also be added for quicker and more contextual search.

A new remote control with larger tactile keys, touch and gesture support will also be added to the Apple TV.

It is the largest update to the Apple TV yet, but seems a little pointless without the TV streaming service meant to launch alongside it. Apple is apparently still stuck in negotiations with TV services over license agreements, and the company has not even started building up infrastructure to support such a vast network of channels.