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Apple's iPhone 6S will go on sale September 18

We already know that the next iPhone models will almost certainly be revealed on September 9, but now the actual on-sale date has leaked via German sources – although there is no great surprise here, as the alleged timeframe sticks to Apple's traditional launch window.

Apple Insider reports that inside sources have been talking to Macerkopf, and stated that two major German mobile networks have September 18 pegged as the on-sale date for the iPhone 6S (as it's thought this iteration will be called).

That tallies with the usual procedure for Apple, which is to have its new smartphones on shelves the second Friday after they've been revealed. Friday September 18 will of course be the launch date for the UK and US as well as Germany, and other major Apple sales territories which get the iPhone first.

As is usually the case with an 'S' model, this year's iPhones are expected to be more minor refreshes than the huge changes we saw last year, although there is a big new feature arriving in the form of Force Touch (as seen on the Apple Watch).

This will allow users to register different UI functions with a short or longer press of the screen, and Apple aims to use this to cut down the number of presses required to achieve certain functions, streamlining the overall interface in general. For more details on exactly how, check out our report here.

As well as the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, rumour has it that Cupertino may push out a budget iPhone 6C, although exactly how wallet-friendly that handset will be is uncertain. If previous Apple form is anything to go by, certainly initially there won't be any major price cut, but we shall see....