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Facebook Notes revamp takes on Medium, Blogger

Instead of acquiring a competitor, Facebook has updated Notes to compete with Medium, Blogger and other long form blogging services.

The social network has redesigned the interface to include a large featured image and minimal overlay. Similar to Medium, Facebook will control a lot of the interaction and interface, meaning bloggers cannot go completely rogue like they can on WordPress.

It is a nice revamp to Notes, one of the most underused features on the social network.

Considering status updates tend to less than 100 words long, Notes should be a place for bloggers to write about things that interest them. It also gives users that want to voice complaints or opinions, a very popular thing to do on Facebook, a new cleaner format.

Medium has become one of the best places to read long form stories, with some excellent news sites available. Facebook wants Notes to be a more personal take on Medium, without the organisations flooding the section.

Facebook will use its Instant Stories program for news sites to publish content. It also has livestreaming plans so video content producers are not left out of the picture.

The social network is starting to become more than status updates and photos, moving into an area where businesses, media and amateur content creators can connect with billions of potential viewers.

While this is a good concept, some YouTube creators have voiced negative opinions on Facebook’s surge for video supremacy. It looks like the social network will need to win over some content creators before it can become number one.

In the meantime, both Facebook and Twitter are working on breaking news programs. Twitter is working on Project Lightning, a new service that will show what is trending and breaking, while Facebook is working on a program to push breaking news to mobile devices.