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G-Cloud 7 submissions will open at end of month

The Government Digital Service (GDS (opens in new tab)) has revealed that submissions for the seventh iteration of the G-Cloud (opens in new tab) procurement framework are set to open at the end of August.

According to GDS, it has taken user feedback from G-Cloud 6 (opens in new tab) on-board in order to make the G-Cloud 7 application process much simpler.

One of the actions the organisation claims to have taken is to have developed a single application system - for the sixth iteration, suppliers wishing to sell their services on the framework were required apply and submit their services via two systems - now everything will go through a single system on the Digital Marketplace.

Another complaint that GDS says it is handling is the complicated language that has appeared on previous versions of G-Cloud.

"We're currently reviewing the language we use to see if we can simplify it. For G7 we'll use plain English in the security assurance questions as well as in our guidance around having a compliant submission," a Digital Marketplace blog post claims (opens in new tab).

"We'll provide explanatory notes to guide suppliers through these sections and ensure we accurately represent procurement regulations," it adds.

Those wishing to apply for a place on G-Cloud 7 will also be able to benefit from submitting the same information they did for G6 and clarification questions will continue to be updated.

The G-Cloud 7 update comes just over a week after the second Digital Services framework went live (opens in new tab) as DS1 expired on August 8.

The second iteration has 169 suppliers, of which 77 per cent are SMEs and these are now appearing on the Digital Marketplace, which is home to both DS and G-Cloud.

There are some small changes to the second version of Digital Services, such as keyword lookup across digital technologies, roles and capabilities, additional roles and consolidated capabilities, new types of roles, the option to select a remote developer and an improved layout and design.