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Google Hangouts gets its own website

Google Hangouts has been one of the projects to receive a lot of attention from Google. It is obvious that they will be working something out to make sure that it doesn’t dies with Google+. Or that it is buried inside Gmail.

And to avoid that, Google has now made Hangouts accessible directly from as a standalone service that you can use.

This direct access is definitely going to make things much easier to use the service instead of having to first log into Gmail and then let it load.

Once you go to, you will be presented with the three key features of hangouts, that are – instant messaging, voice calls and video chats. You can then choose which one you want to use, and then just use it.

It is not just the attention from people that Hangouts has been getting. The service has been consistently worked on by Google developers to make sure that it is one of the best ones in the world. The past months have been the proof of that.

The Hangouts app has been completely overhauled with latest updates on both, iOS and Android and Google has also updated it with their Material Design to make sure that the service is easier and enjoyable to use across platforms.

We can already see that Google wants Hangouts to go in the route of Facebook’s Messenger app. The search engine giant wants the users to use Hangouts as a casual messaging and chatting system.