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Met Police to upgrade digital forensics capabilities

The Metropolitan Police Service (opens in new tab) has revealed it is seeking a supplier for the provision of a Digital Forensics Managed Service Provision.

In a procurement process hosted by The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC (opens in new tab)), the Force is hoping to find a provider which meets a number of requirements.

The managed service will need to include the core services of a frontline self service and hubs, covering the provision of systems, software and the associated management, maintenance and repair.

The selected supplier will also be expected to enable forensic examination of digital equipment to be carried out at the point of need, for example at the Police station.

The Met is also seeking technical services which will cover the provision of case work development to solve operational challenges to the retrieval of intelligence of evidence, the provision of research and development services and consultancy services and the provision of lab-based forensic analysis of digital services.

"The contract will include the full management and provision of support services (logistics, management, maintenance, advice and support for the services) to ensure the successful delivery of the core services," the tender claims (opens in new tab).

The contract is expected to last for seven years with the option to extend for a further three years.

"The key objective is to enable front line officers faster and easier access to digital information in order to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of front line Police resources through better use of tools, technology and improvements in process," an information document claims.

"The use of digital information for intelligence and as evidence in gaining criminal convictions and trends suggest this source will become even more important in the future to deliver results and further improve outcomes," it adds.