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ZX Vega is launched, modern tribute to the ZX Spectrum

Were you a fan of the ZX Spectrum back in the day? In that case, you may well be interested in the new ZX Vega, a crowd-funded tribute to Clive Sinclair's classic 80s computer (whereas Commodore 64 aficionados can swiftly move on...).

The ZX Vega is made by Retro Computers, which opened up an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the device, with a target of £100,000 which was exceeded when folks put up more than £155,000 to see the project realised.

The Vega is a small handheld unit built very much in the style of the ZX Spectrum – consisting of black plastic and rubber keys – with a D-pad controller, which hooks up to your TV.

It has a thousand Speccy games loaded in memory, many of which are the top titles seen on the home computer from 1982 onwards.

As NDTV Gadgets reports, the first 4000 ZX Vegas have rolled off the production line, and you can order your very own for £100 (plus delivery) at the company’s website. The site states that current pre-orders will be shipped from mid to the end of August, although the Indiegogo updates suggest many of these have already been shipped.

At any rate, if you fancy a compact box of retro gaming action, check this one out – though bear in mind that some of those old games are incredibly unforgiving and possibly frustrating for the modern gamer (at least those non-Dark Souls addicts, anyway).