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Amazon ends pre-owned video game program in UK

Amazon is ending its trade-in scheme in Germany and the United Kingdom. The program allowed customers to send video games in for second-hand sale for in-store credit.

Second-hand video games sales have dropped substantially since the launch of the Xbox One and PS4 in Europe. Amazon claimed it was looking into removing the program in France, but would keep it going in the United States.

Customers will still be able to trade-in games until August 31st.

Any credit issued to trade-in customers will still be useable after the closure. All trade-in video games posted after August 31st will be sent back to the customer through Royal Mail post, which may take up to six days to receive.

Amazon has never been the number one store for cheap games, with other retailers like Grainger Games, GameStation and eBay all offering better deals. All three of these retailers are seeing a decline in second-hand video game sales, following the PS4 and Xbox One launch.

Customers continue to delve into the digital world, instead of picking up cheaper deals online or in store. In the US, the culture around second-hand games seems to be a lot different, as shown by the massive backlash on the original Xbox One’s DRM and second-hand barriers.

This is not a lack of confidence in the UK market, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos recently confirmed the UK is one of the prime locations for its drone service. It seems to more of a white flag against competition and the UK market.