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Apple relegates iPod to the accessory stand in store shakeup

Apple is making a few changes to its retail store layout in the next few months. The big change is the iPod moving from one of the major products to an accessory, in the same rack where Apple Watch straps and iPad covers are located.

The iPod has dropped in popularity quite heavily in the past three years, in part due to the lack of updates to the media player. The iPod Touch received a revamp with the current generation specs, but the Shuffle and Nano have not been upgraded since 2012.

With the downgrade to the accessory shelf, customers will be able to pick up the iPod and buy it straight away. Before the retail change, customers would have to grab a staff member to retrieve an iPod from the backroom.

Apple is also removing ‘Smart Signs’ from the retail store, in favour of showing information on the display units. The smart signs were used to show pricing, specifications and features, but some consumers were confused.

The iPhone, iPad and Mac will all display information on the displays, along with a demo version of iOS 9/OS X El Capitan. The change gives more space for Apple products on the tables, allowing even more viewing sessions to happen at once.

Apple might be looking to backtrack on plans to move more customers online. Apple Watch units are available in store to buy, instead of only being available online. Angela Adherents, the head of retail, said this would happen in the second quarter financial report.

It is not clear if the next products launched this year will be online only. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be available in-store, considering the amount of people that queue for a day one purchase. The iPad Pro and Apple Watch 2 might be online only for the start, as Apple deals with supply issues.