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Aston Martin preparing electric Rapide to compete with Tesla Model S

Tesla might face some real competition in the premium electric car market soon, with Aston Martin planning to launch an electric version of the Rapide and the DBX crossover.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said an all-electric, 800 horsepower version of the Rapide would be available within two years. The car would have a 200-mile range, a bit lower than the current Model S.


Making these high-end cars electric might be a way of balancing production. In Europe and some US states, car companies must balance portfolios to show low emissions, and the best way to do that is to manufacture electric cars.

The first Aston Martin car to receive an electric motor was the Cygnet, a Smart Car designed for the environmental ACEA agreement. Hopefully, the Riptide and DBX crossover will be a more premium option for customers.

Speaking on price, Martin said the Rapide would cost between $200,000 and $250,000 (£125,000 and £160,000). He did not confirm if this was before or after incentives.

Aston Martin would be able to rival Tesla on style, but when it comes to commitment the UK-based manufacturer might be less refined. It seems that most manufacturers are making a loss on each electric car sold, and only manufacture them to meet the environmental demands set by governments.