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Google unveils OnHub router designed to keep your Wi-Fi as fast as possible

Google has added a new string to its bow with the introduction of a router which it claims is not only secure, but dead easy to use with some clever ‘smart’ software.

The name of the router, which has been manufactured by TP-Link, is OnHub, and the device is a neat looking black cylinder, with the “innovative circular antenna design” helping to provide a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

As Google also notes, the fact that it looks smart, and isn’t a chunky looking thing adorned with multiple multi-coloured flashing lights, means you won’t have to try and hide it away on the floor somewhere, and with a more prominent placement, you’ll also get a better signal.

It’s not just the hardware and design that’s important with OnHub though, as Google has implemented software which monitors the wireless performance of the device in the background, and will automatically switch Wi-Fi channel if needed to maintain the fastest speeds.

It is also possible to set priority for a device, so if you’re doing something intensive like streaming video over Wi-Fi, you can ensure that particular task runs as smoothly as possible.

Essentially, we’re talking about maximising performance while keeping the router user-friendly, and you can easily manage OnHub directly from the Google On app (which is available on iOS as well as Android). The app also performs simple diagnostic tricks such as telling you how much bandwidth each of your devices is consuming.

In a blog post, Google wrote: “OnHub automatically updates with new features and the latest security upgrades, without interrupting your connection. In the future, OnHub can support smart devices that you bring into your home, whether they use Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave, or 802.15.4.”

The company also noted that further OnHub devices will be coming from different vendors, and the next manufacturing partner will be Asus, with that piece of hardware to be released later this year.

OnHub can be pre-ordered now over in the US for $200 (around £130).