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38 new emojis in the running for approval in Unicode 9.0

Emoji designer Unicode Consortium has 38 new emojis that are being considered to be included in the release of the updated official list of approved emojis.

The upcoming new list, to be called Unicode 9, is expected to be released around the summer of 2016, where new emoji candidates include a pregnant woman, a piece of bacon and a partner for the dancing emoji woman in the red dress.

On top of the 38 candidates, 15 more emoji have also been submitted to the Consortium. However, it is unlikely that all of these new emoji designs will make the cut for next year.

The Unicode update release will be the basis of mobile OS platforms such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, all of which can decide to either pick or discard certain images from the list, meaning we probably won't get them all.

The full list of potential new emojis can be found at, with other examples including a clown face, man in tuxedo, a motor scooter and a green salad.

During the release of Unicode 8 in June 2015, a number of emojis were not picked up by Apple, Google or Microsoft.