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Amazon opens up AWS Loft in London for developer sessions

Amazon Web Services is making a big push into the United Kingdom, with the launch of AWS Pop-up Loft in London. The loft is located next to the Moorgate station, a short walk from Old Street where London’s “Tech City” is located.

The pop-up loft is a way for Amazon to bring personal 1:1 sessions to developers, help with programming, business costs, marketing and all of the other good stuff. It will also be where all of the Amazon Web Services’ sessions will be located.

Amazon Web Services has a large collection of products for developers and businesses to use. It is critical to understand the infrastructure, cost and products before investing money.

Considering Amazon Web Services controls over 50 per cent of the cloud infrastructure market, it needs to have space to work with customers. The loft is a good way to get right in the tech sector, and offer professional face-to-face help instead of online customer support.

Amazon already has two pop-up lofts, one in New York City and the other in San Francisco. It plans to launch another in Berlin, covering most of the tech world in the West.

It is a string of good announcements for the UK, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently complimenting the UK government’s relaxed regulation on drones. Amazon Now also recently launched in London, offering one hour delivery services in several districts.