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Android and iOS are eating the competition alive

Android and iOS together make up 96.8 per cent of all devices sold in the second quarter of 2015.

That means everyone else, including Windows Phone, Blackberry, Firefox OS and the bunch are left with 3.2 per cent of the market share.

According to a new report by Gartner, Android takes up the majority of these sales, with 82.2 per cent of market share, while Apple is second best. Its iOS has 14.6 per cent.

It is worth mentioning that Android exists on a wide array of phones from different manufacturers, while iOS only appears on iPhones.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone was third with a 2.5 per cent share. Although this is quite a low figure, it is safe to assume these numbers will see an increase in autumn, as Microsoft releases Windows 10 for phones.

Blackberry is fourth with a 0.3 per cent share. “Others” are left fighting for 0.4 per cent.

But perhaps the most alarming information of all in the Gartner report is the fact that smartphone sales are declining globally, thanks to China becoming a saturated market.

Sales of smartphones in China have dropped for the first time since 2013, and the country has now transformed into the upgrade market, where people no longer buy new phones, but upgrade their old ones instead.

Approximately half of the country’s population now owns a smartphone, the report says.

Worldwide sales of smartphones to end users totaled 330 million units, which is up 13.5 per cent on the same period last year.