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Netflix bets big on most expensive original series all about the Queen

Netflix is breaking the bank once again for another original series. The on-demand video service has invested £100 million into The Crown, a 60 episode drama following Queen Elizabeth II’s life from her wedding in 1947 to the present day.

Claire Foy will play the role of Elizabeth II for the early stages of her life. A second actor to take the later stages has not been named. Early shots of the wedding were released by Netflix earlier today.

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An iPhone 5S in 1947?[/caption]

The drama series will cover more than the Queen, with the entire Royal Family and 10 Downing Street included in the series. We will no doubt see Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Prince Charles make appearances within the series.

Netflix is banking on the international interest in the Queen and the Royal Family to bolster ratings. It did not receive any Emmy’s for House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, but hopes this more regal and elegant series will bag them a couple.

It is the most expensive original series on Netflix, the previous being Marco Polo. The Mongolian-based first season received a lukewarm reaction from critics, although the majority of viewers seemed to enjoy the series.

Even without the Emmy’s or strong reaction, Netflix might be able to recuperate its investment through new subscribers. By the time The Crown is available, the video service should be available in a few more countries.

Netflix has been on a huge surge in the stock market, splitting its stock 7:1 back to £65 after a 100 per cent rise in six months. Part of the success has to do with the incredible growth of the video platform over the past 12 months, but the company is also pushing for 200 countries by 2016, including India and China.

As it continues to push into new countries, Netflix is lowering its licensed content per region. Chief executive officer Reed Hastings believes a smaller content library, but one that is full of popular TV shows and movies, is the future of the video service.