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Possible iPhone 6S images leaked

As the date draws closer, when we will see Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 6S, more and more leaks start popping up across the web.

One of such leaks allegedly shows close-up photos of the device which is currently being produced.

The phone will most likely be revealed mid-September, during an annual Apple event.

The photos which, according to Know Your Mobile, first popped up on a Chinese social media website, are showing the phone in all its glory, including a new pink colour scheme. One of the photos is seen above, the others can be found on this link.

I say “allegedly”, because these might also be photos of the iPhone 6, only manipulated a bit through Photoshop.

“The phone will feature an A9 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 12-megapixel main camera,” says BGR. “The cheapest iPhone 6s version would still come with just 16GB of storage on board, according to the report. The site also mentions a Vodafone internal email that says the phone will be available beginning on September 18th, however there’s nothing to back up the claim.”

The event, which will most likely take place in the week starting September 7, will give us a couple of new Apple products, including the new iPhone and most likely revamped Apple TV.

The new iPhone will be similar to the last year’s model in terms of size and hardware specs, but will feature the new operating system, the iOS 9.Two new models are expected, which will most likely be the iPhone 6S, and the 6S Plus.