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Premiership Rugby partners with Intralinks for secure document collaboration

Intralinks, a provider of secure online collaboration solutions, has announced a new partnership with Premiership Rugby (which represents the 12 professional rugby clubs that play in England).

The deal means that Premiership Rugby will benefit from Intralinks VIA, a platform that allows for the sharing of confidential data securely – information such as contract negotiations, presentations and other highly important matter which isn't for public consumption.

Intralinks notes that VIA is a secure enterprise collaboration solution which might be robust and secure, but is also user-friendly, enabling the syncing and sharing of files (and indeed un-sharing) with simplicity in mind.

The company already works with the likes of banks and law firms.

Paul Sherrell, Head of Partnerships at Premiership Rugby, commented: “We chose to work with Intralinks because it is renowned for its work in highly-regulated industries, where protecting data and valuable IP is critical. It is extremely important that we secure our sensitive information. We take pride in working with best-of-breed partners and are delighted to start a relationship with Intralinks.”

Dave Wareham, SVP EMEA, Intralinks, added: “Premiership Rugby understands the importance of using technologies, such as Information Rights Management (IRM), to protect its confidential assets, and recognises that consumer-grade solutions can easily compromise everything it has worked towards as an organisation. We’re proud that it has selected Intralinks to support its document collaboration needs.”