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Uber accused of hiring murderers, kidnappers and child molesters

Even though Uber prides itself on the extensive background-checking of its drivers, it is now being accused that some of its drivers are convicted felons.

According to a report by Sky News, a complaint was filed by the San Francisco district attorney’s office, in which it was said that one of the drivers is a convicted murderer who spent 26 years in prison before being released on parole in 2008.

He allegedly joined Uber in 2014 under a fake name and gave 1,168 rides before being discovered.

Another driver had a conviction for "committing lewd or lascivious acts against a child under 14" which did not appear in a background check. According to the filing, he gave close to 6,000 rides, unaccompanied children included.

One driver was convicted of kidnapping for ransom with a firearm, cocaine selling and drunk driving.

San Francisco district attorney wants Uber to use a fingerprint-based system called Livescan to identify its drivers, but Uber is rejecting it, saying Livescan is no better than their own background-checking system.

In a statement Uber said: "While we agree with the district attorneys that safety is a priority, we disagree that the Livescan process used by taxi companies is an inherently better system for screening drivers than our background checks.

"The reality is that neither is 100% foolproof - as we discovered last year when putting hundreds of people through our checks who identified themselves as taxi drivers.

"That process uncovered convictions for DUI, rape, attempted murder, child abuse and violence."