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WhatsApp Web finally launches for iPhone users

WhatsApp Web, the browser-based version of the popular messaging app, is finally available for iPhone users.

The service was launched back in January but until now has only been available to Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users.

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WhatsApp Web essentially allows users to view all their conversations and messages, which would normally be displayed natively within the app, via a web browser, providing an added layer of convenience if you are using your PC or tablet.

In order to join the service, you first need to use the mobile app to scan a QR code that you will receive on the WhatsApp Web website. This pairs your phone with the WhatsApp web client and means you are free to send messages across either medium.

It is worth noting that, although your messages are mirrored across both services, WhatsApp Web is not identical to its corresponding application and some features are only available with the mobile version. However, WhatsApp Web has recently received an update, giving users more control over messages and group conversations.

Other additions to the in-browser service include the ability to edit your profile picture and status, as well as a few user interface modifications. Going to Settings will also enable users to delete or archive certain chats, as well as mute, exit and archive group chats.

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Originally WhatsApp said that it was unable to launch the web version for iPhone users due to “Apple platform limitations,” but evidently these have been overcome, opening WhatsApp Web up to millions of extra users.