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Drive your productivity with new and improved Nuance Dragon speech recognition solutions

Nuance Communications, Inc. recently announced a range of new Dragon speech recognition solutions to enable the synchronisation of key Dragon features across PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

With a consistent, customised dictation experience across any device, individuals and organisations can wave goodbye to documentation inefficiencies that often results in missed deadlines and non-compliance.

The new solutions will also enable employees to work smarter and more efficiently, meaning more time can be spend on clients and core business activities than typing and administrative duties.

Peter Mahoney, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dragon said: “The time-consuming nature of documentation and paperwork can place considerable productivity constraints on organisations and individual professionals alike."

"By expanding our Dragon portfolio, we are extending the benefits of robust speech recognition and transcription across the workforce. Now, organisations can better manage their speech deployments, professionals can increase their productivity in the office, and field workers can complete their documentation in a more timely and convenient manner."

The new solutions, consisting of Dragon Anywhere, Dragon Professional Individual, Dragon Professional Group and Dragon for Mac, are outlined below.

Dragon Anywhere

A cloud-based mobile app that enables professionals to dictate and voice-edit documents directly onto their iOS or Android device.

Dragon Anywhere brings professional-grade dictation to smartphones and tablets, meaning mobile workers can keep up with documentation demands whilst on the go and produce detailed accurate reports whilst the information is still fresh in their minds, rather than having to wait until they are back in the office.

Furthermore, it continually learns the user's unique voice for improved accuracy, there is support for custom words meaning industry-specific terminology can be added and files can be easily imported and exported to and from cloud-sharing tools such as Dropbox and note-taking apps like Evernote.

Dragon Anywhere will be available in English in the UK via the App Store and Google Play in Autumn 2015 as a subscription-based application. More information can be found here.

Dragon Professional Individual

An all-new version of Dragon for PC, enabling fast and accurate transcriptions to optimise productivity.

Featuring advanced capabilities for customising words, automating repetitive tasks, and creating auto-texts to insert frequently-used text - along with integration with Dragon Anywhere - the stress and time constraints of typing are greatly reduced.

Dragon Professional Individual will be available for download in English in the UK for £279.99 in late August 2015, shipping in September 2015. It is available to users upgrading from Dragon Premium, versions 12 and higher, for £169.99. More information can be found here.

Dragon Professional Group

This complete solution can be deployed to meet specific enterprise requirements and drive professional productivity across an organisation, rather than just an individual.

The new Nuance User Management Center enables enterprises to track employee usage, redistribute licenses based on employee use and manage or share customisations.

Dragon Professional Group and the Nuance User Management Center will be available in English in the UK in autumn 2015. Additional details can be found here.

Dragon for Mac

Last but not least, the new Dragon for Mac brings greater speed and higher accuracy to Mac users, having been upgraded with the latest speech recognition technology.

A redesigned user interface makes it easier to access key features, get vocabulary recommendations, and add custom words and commands and any single-speaker audio file can be converted into an editable document.

Dragon for Mac will be available for download in English in the UK for £139.99 in early September 2015, with special upgrade pricing of £79.99 for registered users of Dragon Dictate for Mac, versions 3 and higher. Additional details can be found here.