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HTC shares continue to decline, despite HTC Vive VR award

HTC continues to lose ground on the stock market, with investors losing hope for the Taiwan-based smartphone maker after poor second quarter results.

In the past two weeks, the stock price has dropped by 15 per cent.

Even though smartphone and tablet sales are down, HTC received an award for “Best Hardware” at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The Vive VR is gaining a lot of popularity with developers and consumers, with a launch coming this November.

The partnership with Valve should give HTC a strong platform to sell the Vive VR. Even though it will not control the software and services, it might be able to take over the VR market.

Whether that is enough to win over shareholders, it is hard to say. The current VR market is much smaller than the mobile market, but in a few years HTC could be selling tens of millions of Vive VR units to customers.

HTC is hedging its bets on new technologies like wearables and virtual reality. The company is also planning to change the mobile brand from the stale One M to O2, hopefully bringing more interest to the hardware.

Most Android providers are seeing a drop in sales over 2015, especially mobile operators with phones in-between the £200 to £400 range. That is on top of a major drop in sales of its flagship device in 2015.