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Pebble Time gets updated with added Timeline functionality

Is the smartwatch the future? It's hard to say, although Pebble, Android, and Apple are all proving successful. It is a handy product.

Receiving a phone call? Glance at your wrist - no need to fish the phone out of your pocket only to find it's someone you don't wish to speak with.

The latest in the line of smartwatches from Pebble is called Pebble Time and it improves on the original model by adding more features and a better screen. With version 3.3 of the firmware things improve even more.

The big new feature here is in Timeline, and it now tells you about events that may conflict. It alerts the user if two (or more) overlap or if there are back-to-back events on the schedule.

"Aside from the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, we’ve added relationship bars to the timeline layout. These bars appear between items on timeline, giving you a better sense of how events in your day relate to each other", the announcement reads.

Pebble explains the process - "To update your Pebble Time or Pebble Time Steel to the latest firmware, select Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble within the Pebble Time app for iOS or Android".

Ten years ago you'd have likely not thought that one day you'd be updating or charging your watch. Technology moves forward.