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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active will pack huge battery

Apparently a Galaxy Note 5 Active is on the way imminently, even though the Note 5 has only just been launched itself, and the new Active version will boast a bigger battery.

This rumour comes courtesy of a tipster who spoke to Phone Arena, claiming that the Note 5 Active will have a 4100 mAh battery, which boasts over a third more capacity than the Note 5's power pack. And that's hardly a slouch at 3000 mAh itself.

If this is true, then we could see some serious levels of longevity from the alternative flavour of the Note 5. Incidentally, this source also claimed the Galaxy Note 5 Active will be released in November, at least over in the US on the AT&T network.

The Active will also be a handset which can take more punishment than the vanilla Note 5, naturally, and it will be waterproof and dustproof to an IP68 standard.

As we noted in our hands on features with Samsung’s new Galaxy handsets, the firm seems to be pushing the S6 Edge Plus much more strongly than the Note 5 – although the latter certainly hasn’t been forgotten about.

The Note 5 has not been as well received in some corners either, and for one thing, doing away with the microSD slot was about as popular a move as it was previously with the Galaxy S6 – but at any rate, folks seem generally more entranced with the S6 Edge Plus and its screen trickery.